Factory Work

Try not too worry too much if you've been out and about searching high and low for a job and can't find one. There are a lot of people in your exact same situation and you're all competing with each other. Whether it's applying for wire duct sales jobs or working at a fast food restaurant, there are only so many jobs to go around. The job market is small but you have to keep trying. You just can't give up. No matter how much experience you have working with strainers, the jobs you are applying for might just not need someone with that type of experience. Which is maybe why you should consider expanding your job search.

Or perhaps you just never thought to yourself that a particular skill you have might be beneficial to specific employers out there. A lot of people consider something like building a canoe just a hobby. Not a skill they can put on their resume. Except a skill is exactly what it is. Not too many people out there can build a canoe out of their bare hands. However, if you're a regular old Ran Swanson, it's time to change course and use your skills to your advantage. There is a lot of factory work to be had that can use people who are good with their hands. From factories that deal with putting together toys to lumber factories to wheat factories that have a lot of sheafs that need bundling, there are a wide range of factories that can use hard workers with a good work ethic.

People who know how to use their hands and aren't afraid to get dirty with them are exactly the type of people employers are looking for. Factory work isn't the most glamorous type of job out there but it is a job nonetheless. So, if you have the knowledge to put together on demand hot water heaters or know your way around a toolbox, factory work might be an option to consider. Just because you didn't think it was worthwhile mentioning on your resume that you know how to put together satellite dish receivers, doesn't mean it isn't a skill. It's a very important skill and one that could land you that job you've been looking for all this time.

Don't be afraid to put down any information on your resume that talks about certain skills you are good at with your hands. A factory that could use someone to work their destrapping machines might just have a place for you in their plant.

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