History Of Tools

We live in an evolving society. In every respect -- whether you look at the fashion, modes of transportation, tools of the trade or the technology of today and compare them to those of yesteryear -- you will notice big changes and advancements in each field. It's not just that an architect could compare blueprints for a new and innovative building being built today to one from the 1930's. No, it's that they could compare today's building to one built twenty-five years ago and notice huge differences between the two.

When it comes to technology, there have been inventions made over the years that people couldn't even have dreamed of in the past. A customer service agent, such as someone at Google can talk to a person over the phone who lives on the other end of the country while at the same time typing information from their conversation into a computer database. Before, people would have had to go to a physical building and talk to that same agent in person. All the tools used in those buildings today have changed. We went from pen and paper to typewriters to computers to who knows what next. A Canadian trademark agent (such as at Scarfone Hawkins LLP in Hamilton Ontario) might be getting documents for a patent today for a talking mouse that can transcribe whatever you say to it on to your computer. Who knows?

It surely was a lot simpler in caveman days, wasn't it? When they barely had any tools or technology. They had to make everything themselves out of whatever material they could find. We all know the story of how the wheel was invented. Take that first ever wheel and compare it to the tires on vehicles today. It's almost comical. We now have tires made out of different materials, tires that are made specifically for certain makes of vehicles, different sizes of tires depending on the vehicle and different tires for summer and winter weather. There is a tire for every situation. Just ask the folks at London Tire Sales Ltd. in London Ontario!

Of course, evolution of tools and technology isn't limited to just wheels and tires. Take the most basic and important tool a person can have, the screwdriver, and compare today's screwdriver to one from the 70's. Do you think any handyman back then would have even thought that they would eventually be able to use an electric screwdriver? One that has different speeds and power levels? Or screwdrivers that have built-in extra features such as a level? Tools have come a long way over the years, whether you're talking about saws, hammers, or lifting slings.

Technology is constantly changing. Be it computers, cell phones, or video gaming systems. They have all gone through major changes and improvements over the years to where they are now. Take Bluetooth, for instance. Just when we got used to the idea of tiny portable cell phones, they come out with an invention that lets us talk over our cell phones, wirelessly, without having to put the phone to our ears. How amazing is that? The future is limitless, in terms of technological advancements.

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