Repair Shop

Do you own an industrial operation with many different functioning parts? Maybe it's a soap making plant, maybe a large scale farm. What do you do when your product breaks down? Who can you turn to in order to repair a gauge that isn't giving the right reading? How can you even tell if one of these important but obscure pieces is broken?

First of all, if you forgot to get numbers and contacts for the right repair people before you went into business, shame on you. Of course at some point your equipment is going to break down, whether it is the horse waterers that help make a thoroughbred ranch, like Off Track Eventing an easier place to work or the dryer at a sawmill. In fact as a general rule, the more expensive the equipment, the more likely it is to break down, and break down frequently.

The job can't be done by your average tradesperson either. Working with an industrial boiler is a far cry from installing a household instant water heater. So you can't just call up any trades shop in town and expect them to fix things up for you. Save that as a last resort, as they may be able to refer you to a shop with experience in similar industrial problems.

Your best option is to turn to the people who installed that equipment in the first place. You might have someone in your shop who was there when the machinery was first put in, and might be able to offer some advice on temporary repairs that will be a sort of band aid solution until you can get the real heavy hitters in.

You just don't want to cut corners with a temporary repair if there is any chance whatsoever that it may put people at risk of injury or even death. Companies specialize in project safety management in order to help ensure that such corners are not cut in a way that jeopardizes the safety of others.

Even if person on staff can help out, be sure to call the manufacturer and installer as soon as that piece of equipment breaks down. Any company worth doing business with on the industrial level will offer parts and service options when you buy those large and expensive pieces of equipment, and you should never be shy of taking them up on this offer. They will know which water pump to bring in order to fix what has gone wrong with your industrial machine.

We would even go so far as to say that you should only ever rely on the manufacturer and installer for repair on industrial machinery. Trades people -- even those who've passed the certification at the Ontario College of Trades -- tend to think they know what they are doing in all situations (as anyone who has used a mechanic knows) and often end up doing more damage than good. So when your industrial tools are in need of repair, go straight to the source every time. We would like to thank dental clinic for their continued support.

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