Tools for SEO

Most businesses these days have websites, but they're so poorly assembled and hard to find that they might as well not exist at all. You may have heard that if you want your website to contribute toward bringing in new customers, you will have to hire an SEO company. If you don't understand what companies like SEO Canada do, you can't fully appreciate the improvement they can make on your business. Let this article introduce you to the basics of SEO.

What is SEO, anyway? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means tweaking your website so that search engines like Google and Bing are able to find it more easily. When a search engine finds you easily, it means your website is listed near the top of the results when people search for "Autism treatment" or other phrases that have to do with what your business does. The higher you are on the results list, the more people will click on the link to go to your website.

You may think that it's enough for your website to show up on a list of online art dealers in a search engine results page, but there's a big difference between being on the list and being at the top, which is the goal of Search Engine Optimization. You see, people tend to view the top of the page results are most relevant to what they want and therefore the best company to work with. 20% to 35% of people won't even look at the second company in the list - they'll just click on whatever is at the top.

So how do you get your company's page at the top? Well, a search engine optimization company can help you streamline your website so that crawlers, little programs sent out by search engines to index web pages, can easily see what your site is about. This might mean including the words "Cannect 2nd mortgage" for example, or compiling a list of relevant phrases (including misspellings) that can apply to your website for the crawler to access. And most importantly - you have to make sure the crawler can access your page to begin with.

And that's just to get on the results page. To get on the top, you have to get the word out about your site. People on other sites have to talk about it, link back to it, and regard it as a leader in the field. This is difficult to focus on when you've got a deck to build for your clients as an example, which is where search engine optimization companies can help. To find the one that's best at its work, look at the top of the results page for "SEO."

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